Adjusting the lower stop disc

When your Brompton is initially set up the lower stop disc is usually fully extended on the stem. Once you have fitted your Off yer bike handle you may wish to adjust the lower stop disc when lowered.

This can be done easily using either a 16mm spanner or an adjustable spanner if you prefer.

Step 1.

Using the spanner, release the nut behind the lower stop disc until you can turn it easily by hand.


Step 2.

Turn the nut by hand until it is approx. 5 mm from the back of the lower stop disc.


Step 3. 

Now tighten the lower stop disc towards the nut by hand until they touch.

Finally whilst holding the lower stop disc, tighten the nut against the disc using the spanner until tight.

You will now be able to lower the seat post fully.


Small adjustments can be made following the instructions above and increasing the distance you turn the nut if required.