The Fit

To fit the Off yer bike handle you will require

1. Your Brompton bike

2. Approx 10 minutes

3. Space to kneel next to your bike when the bike is in standing position.

the fit fig 1 white.jpg


Step 1. 

Unfold your bike to the standing position. The handle bars should be extended with the front wheel in place and the seat extended. The back wheel must remain folded.




Step 2. 

Undo the Velcro straps on the handle so they are fully extended. Place the handle on top of the main cross bar with the smaller of the two pads closest to the seat post.


Step 3. 

Wrap the larger pad around the main cross bar and secure with the Velcro strips on the pad itself. Repeat with the smaller pad making sure that it is on the seat post side of the short diagonal bar below the main frame as in the picture opposite.

Now the handle is in position you can start to tighten the 'grip' of the pads on the cross bar. The first stage of this is to pull the pads as tight as possible around the cross bar and secure again with the Velcro on the pad. Once you are happy that both pads are as tight as possible you can then move on to the final fit stage.

Step 4

The final fit stage is to use the Velcro straps to secure the handle in place. Guide the straps underneath the cross bar and through the toggle on the other side. Pull tight and return the strap under the cross bar and attach to the velcro strip on top of the pad, as shown in the pictures opposite. 

Adjustments can be made at any time to the positioning of the handle by loosening the Velcro straps and pads and following steps 3 and 4 again.